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Mary Lynn August Anderson, LCSW

"Exploring our Innermost self and debunking our fears is essential."

Over the past 30 plus years I have been working with individuals and families to help them better understand themselves, release their pain and achieve their goals. I have sat and reflected with clients, explored their struggles, challenged their thinking, and rallied them to believe in themselves. I bring to this process compassion, directness, insight, and humor which I believe are crucial to building a strong working relationship.

From stories of survivors, grief stricken families, anxious students and many more I have learned much about the human spirit and the paths before them. Creating a safe space and teaching clients to create their own safe space has been essential in helping them to recognize their strengths, their resiliency, and their willingness to make change.

Learning is a fundamental tool in making progress with oneself. I received my Master of Social Work from the University of Chicago, returning as an adjunct faculty member at the School of Social Service Administration. That experience taught me how to think about change and create change. My students often challenged me, and together we worked on creating new interventions to better work in multicultural environments.

I have participated in the creative process since childhood. The challenge to express yourself through a variety of mediums allows you to look at the world and yourself from many different perspectives, giving way to innovative change. Being a creative person has influenced my integrative therapy approach, allowing me to help others understand and unleash their own creativity.

Integrative therapy enables me to build more interactive relationships, use cognitive and behavioral strategies integrated with technology, and explore a more creative process. 

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