1. How soon can I get an appointment?
    Usually within a week.

  2. Do you see clients in an office?
    I provide virtual sessions using an encrypted site to protect your privacy, along with phone sessions.

  3. How often do I need an appointment?
    Most people meet weekly to get started. We will connect to see what type of support you need.

  4. How long are the sessions?
    I offer 60-minute individual sessions and four week interactive online groups.

  5. What is the fee structure?
    Each 60-minute session is $110-$125 and a four week interactive online group is $250.

  6. Do I have to pay upfront?
    I collect payment at the end of every session. I take all major credit cards and have a Venmo account.

  7. Do you take insurance?
    I do not take insurance. If you have further questions please email me at anderson8106@sbcglobal.net